Making/Managing My Reservation

How do I book a hire vehicle?

You can either place a reservation online using our online query platform in which one of our sales agents will get in touch or alternatively you call our reservations department who are more than happy to assist you in booking your hired vehicle.

If you wish a call back you can place a call back request on our website stating your name and contact details and our team of designated sales executives will be more than happy to call you and assist you further.

How is my booking confirmed?

After you have placed a reservation online and one of our agents has contacted you with details regarding your inquiry, you can confirm the booking via email or by giving us a quick call. In which we will process the booking and send over a Booking confirmation via Email.

Can I change my booking?

We understand plans change or unforeseen circumstances do occur. Whether you want to upgrade your vehicle, change your hire dates, add on additional drivers or simply want additional extras, you can give us a call stating your name and Booking Ref number, in which our team will be available to assist you further

Can I change the rental period after I’ve collected my hire vehicle?

If you already have your vehicle and want to change the hire dates, simply contact our reservation team.
Please note that changing the reservation details could change the overall amount you pay.

Can I book more than 1 car at a time?

Yes you can book as many vehicles as you require, however all vehicles are subject to availability. Each booking will have a unique reservation number.

Is additional Extras/options available?

At LDN Hire there are many options and additional accessories to assist and make your trip more comfortable. These options depend on the vehicle you choose, items such as GPS, child seats and Snow chains can be requested for a small fee at the time of reservation.

We do our up most best to supply you with the additional extras requested but unfortunately we are unable to guarantee them on the reservation as some items may be subject to availability.

Renting Vehicles with us

How old do I need to be to rent a Vehicle on Self-drive

All drivers must be between the ages of 25 -70.
If you are under or over the age specified, then you must contact us prior to booking.

What Documents will I have to Provide

  1. UK residents:
    -Valid Passport

-Full UK valid photocard driving license (Front and back).
-2 x proof of address (utility bill, bank statement, mortgage statement, council tax bill)

EU drivers:
-Valid Passport
-Full EU valid driving license (Front and back)
-2 x proof of address (utility bill, bank statement, mortgage statement, council tax bill)


International drivers:
-Valid Passport

-Full international driving license along with international driving permit

-Flight itinerary
-1 x proof of address (utility bill, bank statement, mortgage statement, council tax bill)

Are there any Mileage Limits

  1. LDN Hire operates an unlimited mileage policy.

This is under our fair usage policy of 100 miles per day.

Any additional miles which is subject to our fair use policy will incur a charge of £0.20p per mile plus vat thereafter.

However we do offer additional/unlimited mileage packages if you will be requiring more miles to complete your journey.

You will be advised at the time of booking whether unlimited mileage is included and what mileage packages are available.

Can I go abroad with my hired vehicle?

We do have an extensive Europe cover which allows your hired vehicle to be driven abroad however please contact your local branch beforehand to see if we are able to cover the country you intend to travel to.

Can I have more than one driver on my rented vehicle?

Yes, we allow up to 4 drivers to be added on your vehicle hire insurance policy.
We do require all drivers to meet our minimum age requirement of 25, present a full valid driver’s license and 1 x proof of address.
Additional driver charges may apply please contact us to find out more.

Do we offer Zero Excess?

At LDN Hire we cannot offer zero excess. However, we do have insurance excess waiver reduction packages which can reduce your excess liability on your vehicle hire.
Contact us to find our more on reduced excess liability packages.

What the deposit on your vehicles?

We pre-authorise £350/500/1000 depending on size and model of vehicle.

What is a pre-authorization?

It is a temporary hold against the available funds on the card you present at a specified amount.
The amount pre-authorised is not an actual charge and no funds are taken.
Your card issuer may present the pre-authorisation taken as a pending transaction on your account.

Can I hire a vehicle if I have points on my licence?

You cannot hire a vehicle from LDNHire if:

-If any driver has received endorsement for:
 -Dangerous driving
 -Driving whilst drunk or on drugs
 -Theft or unauthorised taking of vehicles

-If you have been disqualified for twelve (12) months or more.
-If you have more than 6 points on your licence. If equal to 6 points then contact your local branch to confirm if you are able to do so.
-If any of the Driver has the endorsements of AC, BA, CD, DD, DR, IN, UT and TT (within five (5) years of offence); or has had two (2) or more periods of disqualification
-If you have 2 or more unspent convictions for offences not listed above, your rental will be refused.

To find out more, please contact the reservation team.

What’s Delivery & Collection Service?

We understand you might be busy and might not be able to collect your hire vehicle.
That’s why we are more than happy to deliver and collect your hired vehicle at your home, work or other destinations specified.
Additional charges may apply for this service.

Do I need to be there for delivery and collection?

  1. Yes, the driver will have to be present at the time to receive your hire vehicle when it’s delivered. This is to ensure that our driver can securely hand the keys over.
    During the hand over our agent will conduct a vehicle inspection to ensure that you are happy with the condition in which you have received the vehicle.

We will also hand over relevant documents in accordance to your hire which you will have to fill in and sign. Remember to have your driving licence handy to confirm your identity.

We want to make sure everything is perfect before you set off on your journey.


If you want us to collect your vehicle after your journey you don’t need to be there, providing you authorise someone who can hand the keys over and help with any issues. During the collection we will do a vehicle inspection to see if damages are present, which will need to be signed off by the person handing over the keys

Once you’re on the Road and Returning the vehicle

What if I break down or need help outside office hours?

At LDN Hire we provide 24-hour Road side Assistance in case of Breakdown, emergency or being involved in an accident involving the vehicle you have hired. The contact details of the following services will be handed to you upon collection of the vehicle. If you are travelling outside the UK, into Europe, we do offer assistance depending on the country of travel please check with the reservations team for further information.

What if I have an accident?

If you are involved in an accident, immediately contact us with the full details of the incident, we will do our best to ensure that the process is smoothed along.

A service/engine light has come on. What should I do?

In the rare event that a service/engine light comes on during your rental, please contact one of the numbers stated on the rental agreement who will assist you further on getting you back on the road. We apologise for any inconvenience that this will cause.

What happens when I return my hire vehicle?

You don’t need to provide any paperwork when you return your vehicle. We will carry out a vehicle inspection to check the vehicle for damages just to make sure we are both satisfied. 

Once all inspections complete, your deposit will automatically be returned to your account through your bank supplier.

If I return my hire car early will I be refunded?

When you place the original booking, please be advised to book the right dates as we don’t offer refunds on unused days.

Can I extend the rental period?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur, from being delayed to simply wanting to add additional days on your trip, hence why we are very flexible and do our best to overcome these situations. In this case, you should contact our reservations department stating how much time you need in which we will advise you the additional cost. 

Should you return the vehicle late – without notifying us or extending your hire – you may be subject to a late return fee. We allow up to 1-hour grace period when returning your hired vehicle. If it exceeds this amount, your rental will be charged an additional day. 

Please note, if you return your vehicle after the agreed date and time, you will pay an additional day’s rental charge – plus a late return fee for each day (or part of a day) that you are late.

Do I need to clean the hire vehicle before returning it?

This is not strictly necessary. We would highly request the vehicle to be returned in the same condition as it has been set out to you. However, if the vehicle has been returned in an unacceptable state such as mud, stains etc, then you are subject to a valet charge which cost varies on size and type of vehicle. 

What happens if the car gets damaged?

Initially the agent will carry out a vehicle inspection which is signed by you, which will have a record of the damages present at the time of collecting the vehicle. If you notice anything at all, please tell the rental agent who will record it on the Rental Agreement/ vehicle inspection sheet.
When you return the vehicle our rental agent will inspect the vehicle. If any damage has occurred during your rental, you will then be liable to pay the cost of repair up to the replacement value of the vehicle, unless you are covered by Collision Damage Waiver, in which case you will only have to pay an excess. However, CDW Insurance does not cover all aspect of the vehicle therefore please contact your local branch for further information.

When will I get my deposit back?

Your deposit will be refunded in full, provided there’s no damage or misuse of the vehicle, within 3-7 working days of returning the vehicle. This does depend on the bank but if there are any problems you can contact our reservations department to see what the issue is.

I received a parking ticket or traffic violation while using the vehicle on hire

At LDN hire we would usually expect you to deal with the charges directly. However, if we receive a penalty notice or fine after the vehicle has been returned, this will be passed onto you, with an appropriate administration fee to cover our costs. Please refer to the Rental agreement and T&C for more information